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September 19, 2023

Good Afternoon Residents, Family Members, Staff and Visitors,

Today marks the two-week period since our center experienced a positive Covid-19 test with a facility staff member. I had hoped to share on the 14th day that Citizens Care Center would no longer be in outbreak status. However, today another staff member has confirmed that they have tested positive for Covid-19 following a test completed earlier outside of the center. Per CDC and CMS guidelines, our center is required to remain in outbreak status for at least two more weeks. The risk for transmission of Covid-19 to our residents and other staff members is considered minimal as this staff member has not been in our building for several days prior to testing positive

Regardless of the minimal risk factor and in an effort to prevent the further spread of Covid-19, staff completed Covid-19 testing on residents and other staff members who were potentially exposed to this individual during their last shift worked. All of today’s tests were negative. We will continue testing those residents and staff members over the next few days. We will provide updates if additional positive tests are identified.

Everyone is doing a wonderful job following our Covid-19 guidelines. Please do not enter our building if you are symptomatic and make sure you get tested frequently, especially if you have been exposed to an individual while they were positive. As mentioned in previous letters, we can assist with providing test kits as well as performing tests on site. Please see our front desk staff for assistance.

Masks must continue to be worn inside of our building. We encourage everyone to frequently sanitize their hands, especially before and after being in contact with other individuals. Everyone should consider being up to date with recommended vaccinations. As additional information about the 2024 Covid-vaccine becomes available, we will share that information with our residents, responsible parties and staff members. We encourage everyone to visit our local health department’s website at, for up to date information on Covid-19.

Again, your cooperation and patience is greatly appreciated as we attempt to keep everyone as safe as possible from the spread of Covid-19.

Ed Walter, Administrator

Citizens Care

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