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February 18, 2024

Hello Residents, Family Members, Staff and Visitors,

Late last week, our center completed a two- week period without having a positive Covid-19 case among residents and staff members. However, this weekend we have to report that a staff member has tested positive. This staff member was in the building as recent as last Thursday and does come in contact with a number of residents as well as staff members during a regular shift. Residents and staff members who were in contact with this staff member and possibly exposed to the virus, have completed one round of testing and al! results so far have been negative. We will continue testing through the remainder of this week and provide updates accordingly.

We continue to ask for everyone’s cooperation with battling Covid-19. Masks remain mandatory in all areas of the building for visitors and staff members. Residents should wear masks outside of their room, as well as inside their room if desired. Visitors and staff members should monitor how they are feeling and not come to the building if they have flu or cold like symptoms. Our center continues to assist with testing, by providing test kits. Please stop by our front desk for assistance with testing. Staff members should speak to their immediate supervisor for assistance with testing.

Hand sanitizer is located throughout many areas of the building for everyone’s use. Please use it often when you are in the center. All staff members are also assisting with increased sanitizing of common areas including our nurse’s stations, hallways and dayrooms. We are also requesting that visitors who discover that they are COVID positive within 48 hours of being at the center, communicate their positive test to us so that we can adjust our in-house testing schedule. We ask that you call and speak to myself or a member of our Nursing Administration team to communicate that information.

We encourage everyone to be safe in large, public groups. We also encourage everyone to get up to date with their Covid-19 vaccination. Potentially, our industry will continue to repeat this cycle until more individuals are vaccinated and we slow down the possibility of transmission.

Thank you,

Ed Walter, Administrator

Citizens Care

Full Time

Performs Activities of Daily Living (Bathing, Oral Care, Grooming, Dressing); Infection Control and Prevention; Positioning, Moving, Restorative Care; Nutrition and Elimination; and Comfort/End of Life Care
Temporary Nurse Aide Certification by American Health Care Association (AHCA)
TNA’s are eligible to be enrolled in a Nursing Assistant course at the local community college.