Friday, January 29, 2021

To everyone,

Wow. It has been a year and ten months since I stepped foot in Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center. As a fresh graduate from community college, I was pushing to find accounting internship experience to fill my resume, but this “internship” opportunity turned into much more than that. Each and every one of you has contributed to my FUTURE. Yes, my career will be built by the experiences that I had at CCRC. Not only was I able to practice the accounting concepts I learned throughout my education, but I was also able to breeze through payroll and build upon my knowledge of computers and their software. Most importantly, I have built many precious relationships that I will never forget. The entirety of Citizens treats both residents and employees with CARE.

You guessed it. That mission statement has rubbed off on me. When it comes to a homelike atmosphere, adding hope and purpose, reaching for the better way and elevating dignity, no one can do it like CCRC can. We have had some ups and downs with COVID-19 and still experience some trouble today. However, I have more than enough hope that this place can power through any problem they face. With the CARE mission statement and your never-ending tenacity, you will fight through the lows and come out even better than before.My decision to leave Citizens was not an easy one. To give up what I have built in my time here will definitely be a hard hurdle to pass. However, this is not goodbye. Goodbyes are for friends that will not see one another again. However, you all became my second FAMILY. Families never say goodbye. They only look forward to the next time they meet. For the family whose email I did not have, please make sure you get this message across to them. That being said, I would like to sincerely say:


See you later!

Mo Bouceddi
Business Office Intern
Citizens Care & Rehabilitation Center 


Dear Citizens: From the Carrick family, we would like to say thank you. Mom was taken care of by very special people.

— Carrick family

I was more than satisified with the excellent care my mother received while in your facility. Everyone involved in her care in anyway was wonderful to her and to the family. Thank you for making it pleasant for her and easier for us.

— Mary N. Mack

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